Saturday, December 1, 2012

How the locals see it

I made a trip up to the top of chamundi hill this morning, as a friend had run all the way from the shala and through the city, then around the winding road to get there, as a way to fundraise for Odanadi and Operation Shanti.  He did a great job, running faster than expected and raising a fair bit of money for his cause.  The girls that I went up with (4 ladies in a rickshaw going up hill... we didn't move very fast...) had been drinking chai all morning so when we got to the top, and had congratulated Trevor, we went off in search of a toilet.  Well, we found one, with 3 doors and gentleman sitting outside collecting 5 rupees per person for the privilege of using the loo.  The three doors were ladies, gents and then this one...

and now we know what the locals really think about the western style toilets!

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