Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saturday morning rambling

I have been neglectful with blog posts lately, partly because I am not sure I have much to write about, even being back in India.  There hasn't been a lot happening for me here this trip, I have almost been using it to recover some energy stores after the busy few months I had in Sydney before arriving.  Things have been happening, I mean, it is India, so there is always something going on, I have just been choosing to participate in less and spend more time resting and enjoying some solitude and quiet, with the occasional outing thrown in.  Dasara festival happened last week, which meant there were many days of pujas and then a big parade in the city, but after experiencing the parade and seeing the elephants all decorated and dressed up a few years ago, I decided to lay low this time around and just hang out in Gokulam.  Boring, I know.  Diwali is coming though, and I doubt I will be able to resist the firecrackers, so I will be getting festive soon.

Practicing here is always something special, and this trip has been no exception.  How to describe what it is that makes it special is very difficult to articulate, and I have probably tried to do so in previous posts on previous trips, so I won't stumble over words trying to come up with a good explanation this time around, but that room holds some magic for me.  In one very heartfelt conference last year Sharath said that he still misses Guruji everyday, but he feels him in the shala, that his presence is there, and that as long as we keep practicing, he is with us.  Maybe that explains it all.

There has been some interesting buzz around the internet lately about the Jois Foundation and their program for teaching kids yoga in school, and how some parents are reacting negatively, with the feeling that the program is a form of religious indoctrination.   It is an interesting thing to read about, because, in my humble opinion, yoga is not a religion in any way, shape or form, but it is a spiritual practice that invites you to have a deeper relationship to whoever or whatever you personally believe in.  Call God by whatever name you like, but surrender to something bigger than yourself.  And, while I am throwing my two cents in, having taught kids yoga before, lets just say it is challenging enough to teach them postures and keep them interested, so I can't imagine there is too much philosophy talk happening in those school programs.  Hopefully it turns out well over there in Encinitas.

The other interesting buzz I have been hearing is about the presidential election in the USA.  Now, please, I am not American, but as a (lapsed) Canadian, I suppose what happens does affect my country.  It is baffling how much international press American politics can gather, but what amazes me even more is that this sounds like a close race.  If the population of America is roughly 50% women (I am guessing?), why any of them would vote for someone who wants to make them second class citizens is beyond me.  Obama certainly hasn't had a perfect track record, but he is so much a better option that if I had a vote, it would undoubtedly be for him.   It seems like the yoga community in general is of the same opinion, so hopefully they all get out there and cast their ballot in the right direction.

Anyways, it is a lovely Saturday morning here in Mysore, so I am going to go and enjoy it.  Oil bath and maybe a breakfast adventure.  Might be a good day to get out of the house a little bit!

Off I go...

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