Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Not just bats in the cave

My first trip here, I was shown how to do neti pot, pouring a warm saline solution into one nostril with your head at a certain angle so that it can pass through the sinuses and come out the other side.  It is something I do fairly often when I am living somewhere with excess pollution or dust, when I have a cold, or when my eyes have been irritated.  When I am in Mysore, my eyes get very irritated, and there is a whole lot of pollution and dust, so the neti pot, and the sutra neti come out quite often.  The stuff that comes out of my nose can be quite alarming, and today was no exception. This morning I was up early, made coffee, and then boiled some extra water for some pre-practice neti action, and once I got started, I was in for a surprise.  First side, no problem.  Second side, some resistance; the water did not want to go through.  A little sutra neti on both sides (threading a thin tube up the nose and catching it out through the mouth, essentially a sinus flossing procedure, as satisfying as flossing the teeth), and then another round of neti pot on both sides.  I was doing my last big "farmer snot" nose blowing technique to get all the water and boogers out, and what comes blasting out of my left nostril, but an ant.  An ANT.  It must have crawled in there at some point when I was sleeping, and apparently the inside of my nose is not a good habitat for ants, seeing as how it was dead, but I have to say that I couldn't be happier to have it out of my nose and down the drain.  If there was any reason to keep up the neti pot, this is IT. 

Memo to the ants of Mysore:  stay out of my nose!!!

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