Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Dipavali is here!  Good thing I brought lots of earplugs, because the mayhem after dark will be going on more or less all week.  A few days ago I went down to the local elementary school where they sell firecrackers and rockets and had a good laugh at their inappropriate signage, which has become even more inappropriate since I saw it two years ago. 
One word stands out quite a lot... I would have thought they would put more emphasis on the word fireworks, and less on the name of the brand... but that is just me.

I only bought the sparkly fireworks, not the firecrackers that are just loud and make me jump every time they go off.   I want pretty colours and lights!  Too bad I already used them all up... will have to go shopping for more this afternoon, as tonight is apparently the day for the big spectacle.  There will be a lot of yoga student zombies wandering around Gokulam the next few days... not much sleep will be possible!


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