Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Back in Mysore!

Back in Mysore yet again, and it feels fantastic to be here.  I have spent the last two days in a bit of a sleep deprived daze, running around and catching up with some old friends and trying to get settled in, but what made me really feel like I am truly HERE was the first practice in the shala.  My start time is 6 AM, which feels neither early or late, and just being back in the space, among all that energy, is pretty incredible.  I cruised through primary today in a state of complete happiness, and get two more days of easing in before I get thrown in to the led intermediate class on Sunday.  I am a bit nervous just thinking about it, only because I know just how hard it will be.  Rumor has it that the intermediate group is much smaller this year, which means there will be less room to hide.  Yikes!

Mysore (or at least Gokulam, haven't ventured into the city yet) remains much the same, granted I was only here six months ago, so there hasn't been a lot of time for changes to take place.  The coconut stand is still in it's place, the chai is still sweet enough to make you wonder if diabetes can happen in a single cup of tea, the rickshaw drivers all still hang out on the same corner hoping for business, the cows still wander the streets.  I am looking forward to going for a wander with my camera and catching some of the beauty that surrounds me. 
More updates soon...

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