Thursday, July 26, 2012

Is re-reading books for Grandmas only?

The way my schedule works these days, I have a few free hours in the middle of the day, and to fill this time I have been doing a fair bit of crocheting, a fair bit of wandering around the neighbourhood, and a whole heck of a lot of reading.  When I get home in the evening after teaching, I usually only really have a little snack and a cup of tea, a shower, and then it is usually more or less my bed time.  Going to bed at grandma o'clock is a good idea when you are getting up at verging-on-stupid o'clock.  A friend of mine has been teasing me about my grandma-ish tendencies, and when I mentioned that I love to revisit books that I have already read, that was another tick in the grandma behavior category. 

So I am an underage grandma.  Ok, I can live with that... there are worse things to be accused of!

Anyways, this Nana in training is reading the Life of Pi  by Yann Martel for at least the fifth time.  It is one of my favorite books, not only due to the quality of the writing, but also because of the way the story can be interpreted.  This habit of reading the same book many times has been with me since my childhood, and I don't know exactly where it started, or with what book, but there is something about picking up a familiar book and diving into the pages that have held you captive many times before that is a lot like catching up with an old friend.

In case anyone was wondering, the minor ninjury of last week seems to have been just a warning from the Ashtanga police.  There has been no residual pain in the spot where the crunch happened, but just as a precautionary measure, and also to help get rid of the cold that has been dragging me down the last few weeks, I have been practicing primary series this week.  A little yoga chikitsa to sort me out.  Next week I imagine it will be back to the usual, but it has felt good to ease off for a little while.

My brain is starting to get all fuzzy, so I suppose I had better stop blathering on and go take a Nana nap..... 

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  1. welcome to the grandma club :) fernando calls me grandma all the time.