Saturday, July 14, 2012

Early mornings and asana breakthroughs

Yoga has ruined my ability to have a Saturday morning lie-in.  Poor me.  At several variations on stupid-o-clock this morning my eyes popped open, I scrounged around beside my bed for my phone (it is also my alarm clock) and squinted with bleary, sleepy eyes at the time, feeling like I had slept for eons and it must be time to get up.  At about 5:30, I gave up on staying asleep, and tiptoed downstairs to make a cup of coffee, so I could at least curl up in bed with a cuppa and a book.  That was over an hour ago, and it is still dark now, although the sun is finally on it's way up and there is some light in the sky.  My internal clock seems to be permanently fixed to wake in the pre-dawn hours; I can't remember the last time I slept past 6.   There are worse things in life though, it just means that I have to go to bed at the same time as the toddler in the flat next door. 

Speaking of yoga, I had another minor asana breakthrough this week.  Sharath had me start working on tick tocks not long before I left the shala on my last visit, and they seemed absolutely impossible for my wibbly wobbly body to possibly do, until the last week I was there, when I managed to sort it out two or three times per practice.  Then when I got back to Australia they disappeared.  To be fair, the 'tick' has been getting steadier and less spastic, but the 'tock' has been sighted only once or twice in the last few months.  Elusive, and really really frustrating.  Not to mention exhausting.  This past week however, it happened twice, and that may be a small victory, but it is a victory nonetheless.  Energy levels have been pretty low too, with extra teaching hours and the remnants of a minor cold to deal with, so I was a bit surprised to have any success there at all.  What I did notice though, is that it is a major exercise in concentration, more than physical effort.  The world around me sort of disappears at certain points in my practice; I get so zoned in to what is going on with my breath and my body that there could be tap dancing elephants beside me and I probably wouldn't notice, and for something as hard for me as these tick tocks, I have to be in that state of focus.  No citta vrittis, no drishti violations.  More work is needed.  Hopefully the tock doesn't go into hiding again.

So what to do on a Saturday morning in beautiful Bondi, when you've been awake for hours and the whole day stretches ahead of you?  A wee bit of blogging, and then on to making some brekkie (quite the novelty to get breakfast in before 11AM these days!) and a trip to the farmer's markets!  Apples and beetroot and kale, oh my!   

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