Friday, July 20, 2012

Ashtanga Police

The Ashtanga Police are real.  Not in a sense that they drive around in a rickshaw and hand out fines for drishti violations or over-ripe cotton mat citations, but real in a sort of figurative sense.  Pretend that I didn't just contradict myself there.

People joke about the Ashtanga Police all the time, probably because there are so many specific details involved in the practice that many practitioners find it quite regimented, and more than a little strict.  Fair enough, there is a lot to remember, and people tend to be picky about the particulars.  Myself included.  Usually when a moon day comes around, I look forward to the day off, but this week, we had the lovely Mark Robberds teaching, and his schedule overlapped with the new moon.  After deciding to take advantage of his time here in Bondi, even though it was a moon day, I laughed to myself, thinking I should head to the shala in a disguise to help avoid the AP, but didn't think too much of it, deciding that I could take rest on Friday instead to make up for it.   I got into my practice, feeling fine, and made it all the way to my last posture, when the police caught up with me.  As I was taking my five breaths, feeling comfortable, at ease, there was out of nowhere, a crunchy noise from the general area of the back of my knee.  After easing out of the asana, assessing what was actually going on, I felt pretty much no pain, except for a dull sort of ache in the wiry tendony bits at the base of the hamstring.  I did the other side with no crunching, finished my practice, carefully, but without any need for modifications, and told Mark that I would consider it a minor ninjury instead of an injury.  This minor ninjury though, can be nothing other than a warning from the AP, telling me that I shouldn't be in the shala on moon days, or I will suffer the consequences.  Lucking for me it was just a warning!

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