Thursday, June 21, 2012

Questionable Teachers

That is an interesting asana Barbie.
There are certainly a lot of dodgy yoga 'teachers' around these days, something we are all aware of, but a new yoga teacher has hit the scene, and I am really questioning her credentials.

Wonder what style of yoga it is that Barbie teaches?  I could see her being into something anusara inspired perhaps.  I hope she doesn't get into any sort of romantic scandals if Ken starts attending her classes. 

For the record, I was never a fan of Barbies as a little girl.  Maybe that explains my distaste for her as a yoga teacher.

One last thought, and maybe I am being too literal here, but pretty well the only real qualification one needs to practice yoga is the abilility to breathe.  Barbie, plastic as she is, probably can't.  So if she can't practice yoga, how on earth does she manage to teach?

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