Friday, June 15, 2012

Bondi Graffiti:Badass Bunnies

A few weeks ago, as I walked to work one morning, I began to notice a few little bunnies popping up and the sides of buildings and parking meters, and over the next few days, they began to multiply, like, well, rabbits.  These aren't your usual cute and fluffy type of bunnies, no, they are sort of hipster badass bunnies.  They revolve around a few themes, take a look.
Boozing bunny

Puking bunny (too much boozing, I suspect)

Suicidal bunny

Skater bunnies

Parking assistant bunny
 There are probably at least 25 of these little critters around the Bondi Beach area, and sadly, some of them have either been scraped off or are peeling off after getting rained on all week.  They are pretty cute though, and there is something nice about them not being too permanent.  Maybe in a few weeks there will be yoga bunnies, rock band bunnies, or surfer bunnies, who knows?  I'll be keeping my eyes peeled.


  1. Unplanned Boys5/10/12 1:50 AM


  2. seen them hanging around in Nijmegen Netherlands aswell

  3. Do you have idea who the artist might be?

    1. If you check out the 'Fuuki' page on Facebook you might find the artist!