Saturday, June 23, 2012


After my last post on questionable teachers, and making fun of the new Yoga Teacher Barbie, I thought that I would try to say something nice in my next post.  Maybe write about something a little more thought provoking.


This morning I saw a link to a trailer of the film Kumare.  This guy pretends to be a guru and winds up with a following of people believing everything he says.  It looks absolutely fascinating. 

This is something I would definitely like to watch in full.  There are people who go out into the world and call themselves gurus and gather a following in earnest.  This spiritual skeptic does it as a social experiment, just to see if it can be done.  I am dying to see how his followers react when he exposes Kumare as a character, an entirely put-upon guise.

It also makes me appreciate the parampara of Ashtanga yoga.  

Any thoughts?  

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Questionable Teachers

That is an interesting asana Barbie.
There are certainly a lot of dodgy yoga 'teachers' around these days, something we are all aware of, but a new yoga teacher has hit the scene, and I am really questioning her credentials.

Wonder what style of yoga it is that Barbie teaches?  I could see her being into something anusara inspired perhaps.  I hope she doesn't get into any sort of romantic scandals if Ken starts attending her classes. 

For the record, I was never a fan of Barbies as a little girl.  Maybe that explains my distaste for her as a yoga teacher.

One last thought, and maybe I am being too literal here, but pretty well the only real qualification one needs to practice yoga is the abilility to breathe.  Barbie, plastic as she is, probably can't.  So if she can't practice yoga, how on earth does she manage to teach?

Friday, June 15, 2012

Bondi Graffiti:Badass Bunnies

A few weeks ago, as I walked to work one morning, I began to notice a few little bunnies popping up and the sides of buildings and parking meters, and over the next few days, they began to multiply, like, well, rabbits.  These aren't your usual cute and fluffy type of bunnies, no, they are sort of hipster badass bunnies.  They revolve around a few themes, take a look.
Boozing bunny

Puking bunny (too much boozing, I suspect)

Suicidal bunny

Skater bunnies

Parking assistant bunny
 There are probably at least 25 of these little critters around the Bondi Beach area, and sadly, some of them have either been scraped off or are peeling off after getting rained on all week.  They are pretty cute though, and there is something nice about them not being too permanent.  Maybe in a few weeks there will be yoga bunnies, rock band bunnies, or surfer bunnies, who knows?  I'll be keeping my eyes peeled.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bondi Graffiti: Love is all around us

There is heaps of graffiti in and around Bondi Beach, and a lot of it is just the silly tagging that people go around doing, scrawling an illegible name across a building or fence, but there are some themes I am noticing as well.  I'm going to make this into a few different posts, but today I'll keep the focus on the love graffiti.

Hard to tell in a photo, but this was a soldier with hearts coming out of a gun, until someone sprayed yellow all over it...

Love dog walking?
There are a few bits of 'love' street art that have been painted over since I decided to photograph them, but it seems to be a pretty common theme.  I would count the 'project love' in the sidewalk as part of this collection as well.  (If you don't know what I am talking about check out the post from a week or two ago.) 

Coming soon: Bondi Bunnies, Words of Wisdom, and Murals.   

Sunday, June 3, 2012

16: Moments

This is a beautiful, beautiful video that I saw a few days ago, and it keeps coming back to my mind, so I thought I would share it here.  It is only a few minutes long; take the time to watch it.