Sunday, May 6, 2012

Extraordinary Life

My life is extraordinary.

I came to this realization the other day when a representative from Landmark Education came to speak to all the staff at work about the forum, and how it can help you to create possibilities to lead an extraordinary life.  Back in the days when I worked at lululemon in Victoria, I participated in this course, and it gave me some things to consider, especially in terms of the way I communicate, but looking at it now, after establishing my yoga practice, it isn't necessary.  Daily practice allows you to see all the very best and the very worst of yourself, what you choose to do with it is entirely in your own hands.  Keep running through the hamster wheel of samskaras?  Reacting instead of responding time after time?  Yoga allows you (ok it allows me, can't speak for everyone here...) a certain omniscience to observe all the patterns and filters and tendencies that prevent me from being a better human being, and eventually, over time, these rough edges are polished and shined and come out of the maelstrom with greater subtlety, more grace.  Looking at what the Landmark program offers in terms of the yamas and niyamas is also really interesting, because it upholds the element of satya (truthfulness) very well; it is basically a no bullshit (pardon my french) allowed experience, but it leaves a lot to be desired in the elements of aparigraha and santosha (non-greed and contentment).  Looking at my life now, it would seem absolutely ludicrous to start asking for much more than I already have.  My job allows me to share something I love, and work for a really rather small number of hours a day.  I have seen and experienced more places and cultures in the last few years than many people get to see in a lifetime.  A walk from my doorstep to the beach takes less than ten minutes, and that beach may be crowded, but it is clean and well cared for.  How can I ask for much more?  Being in a meaningful relationship would be nice I suppose, but maybe now isn't the time.  Being closer to my family would be nice as well, but a time and opportunity for that will present itself, I am sure.  My life is not perfect.  Not by a long shot.  But so many possibilities are there.

My life is extraordinary.


  1. Thanks for sharing Ashley...i have been following your blog recently...and your writing has been inspiring! i believe we are all unique and today is one such day that you help me (through your writing) to understand my life is extraordinary too! namaste!

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment, and thank you for reading! Namaste