Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Warming up

Today I had my new favorite breakfast as mentioned in the last post.  It was delicious.  If I had a better camera, I would have taken a photo, although I don't know that it looked as good as it tasted.  Porridge isn't the prettiest of foods.

Also, yesterday a package arrived on the doorstep for me, 24 balls of organic merino wool.  In eight beautiful, natural colours.  My hands are about to get busy.  So much crocheting is going to happen.  Typing this post is actually a great crochet warm up.  Agile fingers are a must.  Hats and neck warmers and monsters coming soon.

This morning I stopped for a coffee on the way to practice, and the organic bakery near my house makes a mean long black. (Americano for my North American friends)  It is nice to walk in to a bustling local establishment on a crisp autumn morning, and be recognized by the staff, greeted with a smile, even when they are being pummeled by the morning rush, and treated as a regular.  They know my name, they know what I want.  Part of what is nice about staying in one place for a while is this sort of familiarity.  Cafe culture is alive and well in the Bondi area; everywhere you go there are little hole-in-the wall places where you can get a hot drink, and a snack, and the locals support these businesses fiercely.  Today is a public holiday, Anzac day, to honour and remember Australian and Kiwi involvement in military operations, but was originally to mark their efforts at Gallipoli in WW1.  Many people seemed to be up and about quite early, perhaps to get to various ceremonies or commemorative events, but an awful lot of people tied a stop at a cafe into their plans for the morning.  Usually the streets are quiet in this part of town until at least 8AM, except for the garbage trucks, which are exceptionally noisy.

Things are warming up in the yoga room as well, the attendance is picking up both in the morning and in the afternoon/evening schedule; the amount of energy and heat in the room is intensified with each extra person.  My evening classes have been a good mix of regular, established practitioners with brand new beginners, and the students in the beginners courses are absolutely frothing.  It is great to see them so excited about learning and breathing and exploring new avenues of movement in their bodies.  Teaching later in the day means that I have been starting my practice a bit later in the morning,  and it feels a bit indulgent after waking up at stupid-o-clock in Mysore to cruise into the shala at 7 or 7:30.  On a cold morning though, walking in to a room that is warm and steamy is gorgeous. 

Winter is coming, and cold weather is no fun, but with warm breakfasts, beautiful coffee shops, crocheting, and a job in a cozy room among lovely people who inspire me daily, I can't really complain. 


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