Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday musings, and a list

Some meandering thoughts today.

Last weekend I ventured out into the city right around the time I am usually getting ready for bed and watched the lights go out for Earth Hour.  It was really captivating to walk around near the opera house and the bridge and hear all sorts of people talking about which lights they thought would stay on or go off, or what other cities might be doing for the occasion.  It is probably one of the easiest global environmental movements to join, and seeing so many people involved and informed was really exciting.  A photo of the opera house just before the lights went down, taken with a very old camera, so please excuse the out of focus-ness...

And heck, I'll throw in a picture of the Harbour Bridge, and one of Luna Park too, just for fun...

Like I said, out of focus, but, with this particular camera, it is the best I can do with night-time photography. 

Memo to self: invest in a new camera.

Changing topics here entirely, getting settled in such a big city has been a bit of an effort.  I don't know anyone, and it has been a big adjustment after being in Dunsborough last year, where after about a week you couldn't go anywhere in town without bumping into someone you know.  A whole new chapter in getting comfortable in my own company, reminiscent of when I lived in Indonesia.  There are some things that I am getting to really like about Sydney though, so I will do something I don't often do, and write a list.

5 Things I like about Sydney

1. People on the bus will offer their seat  to anyone who looks like they may need it more.  Not only to really old people or disabled people.  I have seen this many times, on multiple bus routes, and it is nice to see that thoughtfulness is still alive and well.
2.  The variety of food available to purchase both in cafes and shops is fantastic.  After narrowly avoiding scurvy in India, my taste buds are demanding all sorts of different things, and it is easy to get sushi, or Vietnamese food, or all the ingredients for an amazing salad, or a fresh baked vegan muffin.  After 3 months of mostly Indian food, sushi tastes especially delicious, and I can't imagine the novelty will wear off soon. 
3.  The beach is ten minutes from my house, so if I wake up early, I can spend a few minutes before yoga watching the sunrise and the surfers, and breathing in the beautiful sea air. 
4.  There are a mind blowing number of things to do.  Next month there is a writer's festival happening, the contemporary art museum is free (haven't been yet, but plan to go soon), there is a wealth of history in the multiple museums in the city, and every time I look in the newspaper there are lists of different dance/theatre/opera/music performances happening at various venues.
5.  Multiculturalism.  Sydney-siders come in all shapes and colours and sizes and from seemingly all corners of the globe.  Being exposed to all sorts of cultures is deeply appealing to me, and it also means that as a foreigner, I am able to blend in to the crowd of non-Australians a little bit. 
6.  So I said it was a list of five things.  I thought of another.  It will be a list with a bonus entry: community.  There are so many things happening to draw neighbourhoods together.  Farmer's markets, 'grow it local' events, impromptu sing-a-longs at cafes.  (I have witnessed two in the Bondi area, maybe it was just chance?)   Pretty cool.

Changing topics again.

Practicing in a room with other people is a good thing.  Having a bit of space between your yoga mat and the next person's mat is also a good thing.  I miss the energy of being in the shala in Mysore, but am enjoying being able to take up a bit more space.  A job offer came to me from the Jois shala here, so that is where I will be practicing and working for the next few months.  More on that in another post.

Enough for one blog post I think.  It jumps around a bit, but I suppose after being a bad lady and not blogging for a couple of weeks, everything wants to come out at once.  

Next post will be more focused.  I hope.

Happy Easter! 

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