Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Favorite Breakfast!

With the weather in Sydney getting colder as autumn creeps in, my body has been asking for really comforting, nourishing foods.  Last week I went to make oats for breakfast, and decided to get a bit creative.  If you want to best porridge ever, while the oats are cooking add in:
~one plum (or two if they are small), cut into manageable bite size bits
~cinnamon to taste
~a pinch of salt
~a handful brazil nuts (chop them up a bit if you want)
~one or two dried figs (also chopped up)
~a spoonful of chia seeds (you might need to add a bit of extra water because chia soaks up heaps of it)

Put all the extra goodies in when your oats go in so they have time to cook a bit too, and yum-o.  I had never considered having plum added into porridge before (I usually use apple or banana or berries), until I had some in a muffin a couple weeks ago.  It adds a really nice flavour, and with the figs in there, you don't really need any extra sugar or honey or anything.  Looking out the window at the rain bucketing down makes me think that this will most definitely be breakfast again today.

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