Wednesday, March 28, 2012


As I sit drinking my cup of coffee in the morning, I quite often check my email and read a few blogs, and it seems an appropriate activity to do while trying not to wake up my housemate.  Very quiet.  This morning I was quite pleased to see that my dad had sent me a message, something that has happened exactly twice (including today).  We get on really well, my dad and I, but our communication while I am away is limited mostly to us talking on the phone, or him reading my blog posts after my mum prints them out.  He is the type of guy who works with his hands, and has a great deal of knowledge in many areas, but has struggled with making sense of computers and email.  No so long ago, he got an iPhone, and the way that apple products work seems to make sense to him.  Seeing a message from his email address, with a short note, and a photo of my giant cat Munchkin trying to fit into a relatively small box, made my day.   Well done Dad, don't think you can't teach an old dog new tricks, and well done Apple, for making a product that is accessible and intuitive.  And well done Munchkin for making such a good effort to fit into a small box. 

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