Monday, February 13, 2012

Occupy the Lobby

After an absolutely ridiculously jam-packed intermediate class last week, with people going sideways across the gap between the row on the tile and the last row on the carpet, and mats touching side to side, I decided to start a movement.  Occupy the lobby.  On led primary days there are nearly always about a half dozen people out there, but for the intermediate class people are allowed to use the space for spectatorship.  Why not take back the space for practitioners?  I found a brave lady to occupy it with me (thank you madam if you are reading this!) and we courageously held our ground, moving the viewing audience off our mats after depositing our belongings in the change room.  Sharath looked our way before the opening chant, not saying anything, led us through the first Surya Namaskar, and then called out "Ash, you come here, there is space!"  I scooped up my mat and tip-toed around the human obstacle course to the spot he pointed at, right on the lumpiest intersection of the floor rugs, wedged between two other people.  Bummer.  My brave fellow protester was called in only moments later and was directed to the sideways spot on the tile by the ladies change room.  Luckily for me, some of the people in the row were of the recently split variety, so as they moved back to do their finishing postures, space became available for me to get off the minor mountain range of carpet lumpiness.  The first 5 or 6 postures of third series got tagged onto the end, and I was thanking my lucky stars that I got to stop after the first one.  It was seriously hot and humid in the shala, and Sharath was counting painfully slowly; the tremors coursing through people's bodies were visible from across the room.  Coconuts were extra sweet after practice, poor Imran, the coconut truck man, must have wondered what happened in there to leave us all so deliriously thirsty. 

Anyways, Occupy the Lobby might have to wait to be revived until next year as it seems like this week marks a true tipping point.  The number of people leaving might actually be bigger than the number arriving for the first time since the shala opened in October, so things might start to quiet down just a little bit.  My fingers are crossed. 


  1. Yes, your companion is reading.

    Turns out the sideways space next to the bathroom door is EXCELLENT.

    OTL over and out (for now)...


  2. Your support in OTL was tip-top my friend, glad the sideways bathroom door spot worked out for you. Next year we can try again?

  3. January 6, 2013, sounds about right...