Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Not goodbye, just see you later

Doing all the last day in Mysore running around while trying to stay calm and steady.  A very wise friend of mine has said the the way in which we transition will dictate the tone for the next phase, so I am trying to maintain a sense of ease and order to all the things that need to be done.  So many people to say thank you to, between the locals who work hard to make life comfortable for all of us yoga students, and the beautiful friends, and of course to the boss himself.  It feels good to tell someone just how much you appreciate them.  There are some people who I may not see for a while, but it truly feels like it isn't goodbye, just see you later.  Having a plan to come back feels good as well, hopefully I will be swept back into the warm embrace of Mother India again somewhere around next November, but who knows what the future will bring.  Good old Ma India and I seem to have struck a truce this time, no epic bouts of sickness, no rabid dog bites, and a firn knock on wood because I still have just under 24 hours until I leave the country.  Don't want to tempt fate now. 
One more sleep, one more practice, one more idly breakfast, and then I am off.  The dreaded travel vortex of doom is nigh, but with all this smooth transitioning, it should be A-OK.
So much gratitude is there for this time learning, assisting, struggling, growing, building awareness, making connections.  What a trip.

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  1. hey ashley... trying to get in touch with you. jake and pam, in sydney right now, need to talk with you. shoot us an email - - maybe pam already tried to make contact?