Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Post #100.  Perhaps this should be a momentous occasion, filled with inspiring and profound thoughts, but more realistically it is just going to be more of the same meandering sort of things that I usually write. 
Yesterday was a big day here in India, a festival called Shivaratri took place, literally meaning the great night of Shiva, and there were devotees lined up for blocks to pay homage and devotion at the local temples.  One of the more popular legends for this festival is that it marks the union of Shiva and Pavarti, and that on this occasion, Tandava, the dance of primal creation, preservation and destruction was performed.  All night, pujas were reportedly happening, where people were offering fruit and flowers to receive a blessing on this auspicious occasion, but I was not up for braving the crowds, so this was underway while I was tucked safely into my bed.  

Another landmark: I have only one week left here in India.  Not much time to saturate myself in the magic of the shala before I go, but it feels like the right time to be transitioning back to the real world.  Part of me hates to go, but this trip has inundated me with new information and experiences, and it might not be possible to fully absorb or appreciate them while I am still here.

Since landmarks seem to be the theme of this post, I am going to throw in another.  My little nephew reached the ripe old age of four months just a few days ago, and I have yet to meet him in person, but I love him to pieces anyways.  He is pretty much the cutest thing ever, and little Hugo takes after me in his facial expressions for sure. 

I think I made that exact same face yesterday.  He might have slightly less hair, and slightly more chub in his cheeks than me, but the eyebrow articulation and eyes the size of saucers are exactly like me! 

This expression is also in my daily usage, it is the 'you're a moron' face.

Hugo and I look different here.  For one, if I open my mouth that wide, you can see teeth. 

Enough cuteness for one day, wouldn't want anyone's brain to spontaneously combust due to cuteness overload.

In other landmarks, it has been just over a year since I was last in Canada.  Maybe this amount of time, combined with a ridiculously cute nephew, is what is giving me the urge to go back. 

What will I do to fill up my last week in Mysore?  A few more trips to the secret breakfast place are most certainly in order, and I have every intention of drinking as many coconuts as I can possibly squeeze in.  One more led primary, one more led intermediate, on more conference and 5 more days of Mysore practice coming.  A few more crochet special orders are coming in, and there are a few more books at Tina's little lending library that I want to get my hands on.  There is no doubt that I will be back before I know it, so the panic of squeezing in certain experiences just isn't there.  Whatever doesn't get done will have to happen next time.
The week will be up before I know it. 

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