Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dosa Patrol

Yesterday morning a scooter/motorcycle convoy from Gokulam made tracks through town to Mylari Dosa for a Friday morning treat of buttery Indian breakfast and sweet chai.  The out of focus photos are to be expected, considering they were taken from the passenger seat of a moving motorcycle.  Talk about making a spectacle: yoga students on parade in Mysore.  The number of heads that turned as we zipped across town was unreal.
How many yoga students can you spy in this photo?  Bonus points for guessing all the different nationalities...

This other photo has nothing to do with dosas or Fridays, but I have noticed these words painted along the wall several times in the last few weeks, and it strikes me as something pertinent to the state of affairs in the world in general.  Stop atrocity, raise humanity.  Something about the way the light is inundating the photo added a completely unintentional ethereal quality to the picture that I couldn't have achieved on my little boxy point and shoot camera if I had tried.  Purchased in 2002, this little Nikon has served me well, but a high tech piece of equipment, it is not. 

A few weeks ago I posted about castor oil bath, and truth be told, the castor oil wipes me out something terrible.  My body is so depleted every time I use it that I actually dread the idea a little bit, even though Sharath and many of the long time students swear by it.  Being as sensitive as I am, I asked around and was recommended to try almond or sesame oil, and the difference is unreal.  Almond is best for me I think, but much more expensive, so it is maybe something I can do every now and then, but sesame oil is warming and nurturing and doesn't leave me a spaced out shivering airhead, so for a regular weekly treatment, it seems to be a good answer.  My skin and joints are very dry right now, to the point that I thought my armpits were going to rip yesterday in surya namaskar (OUCHIE!!!), so oil baths seem like a necessary practice, and I am glad that there is an alternative to castor oil that leaves me feeling functional.  

The hibernating has been working better than I expected.  People look surprised when I see them and they tell me that they thought I already left.  Ha! It is possible to be undercover in Mysore!  No poo conversations at the coconut stand in days!!!


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