Friday, February 10, 2012

Being a hermit, and questioning motives

Over the last few weeks I have been turning more and more into a hermit.  The ejector seat has taken out many of the people I had been spending time with, and to be honest, facing the idea of more coconut stand chit chats with new faces is a little bit horrifying.  There is a typical conversation that happens here and it goes something like this:
Yoga Student 1: Hey (smiles)
Yoga Student 2: Hey, how are you?
YS1: Tired, my practice/backbends/annoying housemate/indian family living downstairs/chronic diarrhea is really driving me crazy. You?
YS2: Tell me about it.  How long are you staying/have you been here long?
YS1: I have been here 3 days/3months/6weeks, staying till the bitter end.  You?
YS2: It is my 1st trip/8th trip/ 2nd trip but I just arrived last week.  I will only be here a month because I have to get back to my students. 
YS1: So about my diarrhea....

YS1 and YS2 go on to talk about poop for the next half hour.  They then become lifelong best friends and take coconut deliveries to their bff when they are struck down with the poopoos. 

The sad part is, I am not even kidding. 

This may sound a bit jaded, and don't get me wrong, I love Mysore, I love being here and studying here and spending extended periods of time here, but I can't have a conversation resembling this one any more or my head will explode.  There are so many beautiful, intelligent and charismatic yoga students right now in Mysore, but the number of times I have had to say goodbye to friends that I hold very dear is like a deep bruise, very sensitive and tender.  The banality of meeting new people is too much to handle, it is like taking a big stick and poking that terrible bruise... not so nice.  So I am hiding like a recluse in my house for the next few weeks, making use of the time to crochet and read and nap and prepare for the big unknown out in the real world.  Slightly anti-social, yes I am.

Something else has been bothering me lately, and this might be the first inflammatory bit of writing I have done on this blog. 
There is a new wave of people declaring via facebook that Sharath is their Guru, a pretty big statement to make.  If a person truly feels this way, that is lovely, and I wish them well on that journey of learning.  BUT.  And yes that is a big but, if they take Sharath as their Guru and submit to his knowledge and guidance through the practice of Ashtanga yoga, why, WHY would they post photos of themselves doing postures they have yet to be instructed to do?  And throw in handstands in every vinyasa, when it has been clearly stated in conference that this is not the correct method?  And try to squeeze in a new posture or two just when they think Sharath isn't looking?  It seems so hypocritical to me, to make a sweeping statement about devotion to a system, a lineage, and an individual to be your guide from darkness towards light, and then blatantly doing what you have been told not to do.  So many students come here simply to learn, but there is a contingency of people who come with the agenda of showing how much they know, and how many poses they can already do.  If that is the case, and you know so much, why come at all?  Blows my mind. 
Venting complete.


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