Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Who needs chapatis?

Yesterday as I was assisting a fellow student into supta kurmasana, sometime near the end of my shift, I was stopped mid adjustment by the boss, and he came over to show me how it was done so to speak.  This particular student seemed quite open, but it didn't look possible for her hands to bind over the expanse of her back, so I didn't force it, not wanting to be responsible for causing injury.  Sharath made her jump back and enter the pose again, and then with a few grunts, managed to tease her arms across her back: aha! tentative clasp of the fingertips .  He quickly moved around to her feet, but as he crossed them, her hands popped free.  He made some disappointed noises as he tried to keep her hands from sliding any further apart, and then helped her up out of the transition.  As she jumped back, he looked at me with a grin and said that both he and I need to eat more chapatis.  Ok Boss, point taken.

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