Friday, January 20, 2012

Shifting gears

So many transitions happening here in Mysore, the revolving door has swung full circle yet again.

Yesterday marked my last day assisting in the shala, and it is a touch bittersweet to be finished.  Part of me (the absolutely exhausted part) is glad to be done and passing the responsibility on to the next person, but now that I have gotten comfortable with the role and just being in the space for that purpose, I kind of wish I could keep going!  The first two weeks were mostly fear, and as that eased away, the learning process really began, and I started enjoying being in the room.  Sharath has been joking around a fair bit, telling me yesterday that if the person I was doing dropbacks with caught their ankles, he would pay me 50 rupees, and he has been asking if I have been eating more chapatis as my adjustments have become more efficient.   Starting next week I will be able to take rest after practice, and enjoy my coconuts instead of rushing straight back into the room, but I will miss the extra time spent in the shala, learning and absorbing the energy.

Many friends are making their way back to real life, and it is a hard lesson in detachment saying goodbye to people you really care about.  The bonds of friendships run deep when you have so much time to cultivate camaraderie, and letting go of the support network that holds you up through the emotional, physical, and energetic roller coaster of the practice/living in India is challenging.   As much as it is sad to see friends go, more people are arriving everyday, so the are new connections and reconnections to be made as well. 

There has been some coconut stand drama this week as well; Tuesday morning the legendary workplace of Guru and Sons was irreversibly altered when the police came and ripped out the tree that provided the shade and essentially the backbone of their business.  The whole stand was relocated further away from the road, but only after being closed for a day so that the family could re-group and decide it is possible to keep operating.  Rumors are abound for the cause of the destruction, ranging from rival coconut stand owners bribing the police to cause trouble to a city wide beautification/organization project. Yoga students have been swarming back for coconuts and chai, trying to show support for one of the best loved families in Gokulam, and there has been a wave of people sporting the newly printed Guru and Sons t-shirt.  It is good to see the community of foreigners coming together to support the locals, when so often there is a complete disconnect between the two groups.  I can only hope that this will all be sorted soon, and the coco stand can recover the losses they have suffered this week, even if the location has lost a bit of it's charm. 

This revolving door just never stops turning...

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