Monday, January 23, 2012

Mysore Magic: Yoga at the Source

This is a link to the great documentary Mysore Magic, and it is well worth watching if
* you have been to Mysore
*have thought about going to Mysore but haven't made it here yet
*or if you maybe have a friend or family member here right now and can't imagine what the heck they could possibly be doing in Mysore.

The dynamic trio who put this film together did a great job of catching the essence of being here, and the whole thing was completed in three weeks, start to finish.

I have a brief speaking role, which is a bit weird to watch, and also there are a few short clips of me either practicing or assisting in the shala, and I feel pretty honored to be a part of the film, even in such a small way.  So please download the film, and unlike youtube videos, this one needs to be purchased, but I believe it is worth it, and a portion of those proceeds go to the Charitable Trust run by the shala.  Local organisations in need will benefit from your purchase.    Happy viewing!

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