Saturday, January 7, 2012

Memo to self

I very rarely go to the pool while I am in Mysore, but a few times a trip I get into my bathers and go for a swim. 
It always turns out badly.
The first trip I managed to get a sunburn, whle wrapped in a scarf.  In the shade.  Wearing SPF 45? 60?  Something high.
Last year I sat entirely in the shade, and thought it was silly to pay money to sit in the dark in a bikini. And come away with a bit of a burn.
Today I went back to the pool, craving a bit of vitamin D on a beautiful clear day, promptly applied sunscreen and found a spot shaded by palm trees.  What do I have now?  A sunburn. 
Memo to self: STAY AWAY FROM THE POOL!!!

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