Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Looks like everyone wants to read about helping the boss

Holy rollercoasters batman.  Since I posted about being asked to assist in the shala, the number of people reading this blog has gone up by about a kajillion percent, and other than being grateful to a few other yoga bloggers who have linked me to their pages, I am feeling like I need to be much more careful with my grammar.  With that being said, thank you very much for taking the time to read my thoughts on Mysore and life in general, even if my punctuation is not always quite following the correct method. 
So about helping the boss.  (Since no one wants me to talk about my shoddy sentence structure, even my mum...) This is the third week of helping out in the shala, and it is becoming much more comfortable, partly because I am getting to know the students who I am assisting, and partly because they are getting to know me.  Not to mention that I get to watch Sharath and Saraswati giving adjustments, so I have been trying to soak up as many of their magic tricks as possible.  People are beginning to trust me, and there is a tangible difference in the way someone feels to adjust when they stop fearing me or the posture or whatever it is that makes someone tense up the moment you step up to them.  A big part of the challenge this month is having to work with people who I know nearly nothing about, and with the numbers the way they are in Mysore right now, every spot in the shala empties and is filled at least once, sometimes twice during my shift.  It is a lot to take in.  What is really amazing is how different all these bodies are; no two people who come through that room are alike.  With all the different nationalities, there is a huge variety of shapes and sizes and colours and proportions, and even if you group people into general categories, everyone has their own history and abilities and challenges within that category.  Sharath has been sending me to backbend some of the big guys, partly to test me a bit I imagine, but I think he also gets a bit of a kick out of watching me do it.  Or out of watching my reaction when he tells me to do it.  My facial expressions are pretty transparent, so I am sure he has noticed whenever I am daunted by the task he sets for me. 
What is a bit worrysome in Mysore is when you start to notice someone going off the rails a little bit.  This has been the case each time I have been here, and it can really hard to observe someone who is clearly struggling.  The person I am thinking of need not be named or described, but I can only hope that whatever demons she is wrestling can be quieted down through the practice.  India is not a good place to visit if you are not mentally stable.  The multi-sensory overload combined with the intensity of the practice is too much.  So anyone reading this, check in with yourself and make sure you are mentally sorted and clear and healthy before you book your ticket.  Please.
On a more positive note, the film crew that has been around the shala the last few days is apparently working on a short clip to put up on the shala website.  They have lots of footage of asana, but now they interviewing a few people to collect some thoughts on practice and Mysore and life pre-yoga, and I was asked to participate!  I agreed to do it, and then immediately regretted it, all my usual fears about speaking and my lack of experience with the practice came up, but then I decided that if I said something completely idiotic, it wouldn't be added to the final cut of the video anyway.  I was asked about my life before yoga and why it hooked me, and also why take all this trouble to come to Mysore to study, and what I notice physically and mentally from doing ashtanga.  I think they will wind up using about 10-15 seconds of it, so the 10 minutes of chatter they filmed will be reduced to hopefully one insightful thought.  Did I even say anything insightful?  Guess I will find out.

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  1. oh, how very exciting! enjoy it - i guess not many people get asked to assist ;-) looking forward to reading more ~ ivana