Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello 2012

2012 is here!  Getting to celebrate with my dear Mysore friends has been a lovely way to ring in the new year, in a very quiet, unassuming way.  The last day of 2011 was filled with laughter and love from a truly international group of people, and the evening finished off for me at about 9PM, after playing a heated round of scattergories.  Yogis gone wild... up past 8.  I was introduced to a tradition of eating 12 grapes, and making a wish as you eat each one, the number 12 representing the months of the year.  I had to think long and hard about these wishes, and it made me realize how much I already have in my life.  Can't tell what I wished for though, that would be sure to jinx it!  This morning dawned clear and cold, and sitting on the steps of the shala waiting for led intermediate class to begin, there was a definite feeling of beginning something anew.  Some filming was happening during class today, apparently for some sort of documentary being made about the shala, and between the cameras and the lobby packed full of people, some nervous energy was there.  I finished the series today, officially adding the seven deadly headstands to my daily practice, which is a nice way to start the year, and it somehow made the epic closing headstand easier to manage.  Yogi brunch again today, and then off to chanting class with the Shmish. 
Some vulnerability is making itself known in my body these days, not so much in a sense  of physical injury, but more in terms of the nervous system, feeling raw and emotional and jittery in a way I haven't experienced in a long while.  Something tells me it is a combination of intense practice, some of the deepest backbending I have ever experienced, and then assisting and sharing energy for over two hours on Mysore days.  Add in the stress of a long distance relationship with someone who is being increasingly distant, and news from home that my mum is having some of the same health trouble that she had last year; it makes for a feeling of delicacy that is pretty uncomfortable.   It's not so surprising really, when I factor in all of those things, but I am still caught off guard by the unsteadiness.  Pretty fortunate to be here and surrounded by love.   

*Just noticed that my post on assisting Sharath has been mentioned in another blog!  Thanks for thinking of me C!

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