Sunday, January 29, 2012

A deal is a deal

My last week assisting in the shala, Sharath told me that if I had one particular student catch his ankles in backbends, he would pay me 50 rupees.  He wasn't setting me with a great challenge, as the student in question is doing full intermediate series and can catch the ankles sometimes, but the guy is a fair bit bigger than me, and admits to having to really work at back bending.  So we go to it, he catches, I tell Sharath, and we all move on, but no more mention of the 50 rupees.  Yesterday afternoon when I went to re-register, I thought I would mention it just to be cheeky, and when Sharath handed me the standard amount of change, I reminded him of his promise.  He looked at me with a twinkle in his eye, had a good laugh, and went digging through the drawer with the change.  His hand came out with an extra 50 rupees, wobbling his head and saying that 'a deal is a deal.'  I could hardly believe that I actually asked, and that he actually paid me as well.  The best thing to do with the money (equivalent to approximately $1) is probably to split it with the friend that I adjusted in order to earn it... I sense a trip to the coconut stand coming on...


  1. My teacher offered me a tenner the other day if I could get a student into Supta Kurmasana! Clearly they must have all decided that bribery is the way to go :-)

  2. Wait a second. You are assisting AND you are paying the exorbitant fees of the shala? Hmmm.