Thursday, December 8, 2011

Not Only Mum

For a long time I assumed that it was pretty well only my family reading my blog, and fair enough.  I don't think that I am terribly interesting or clever, and realistically, it would be pretty reasonable to think that my readership would stop with people like my mum, who sort of has to be wondering about what I am up to.  The last few months though, the number of readers has been on a big increase, and for several weeks running, I've had a bigger audience from the US and Russia and Slovenia and a few other random places than I have from Canada.  Mum, you are not alone in reading what I write!  No one seems to leave comments, but the posts about India and Odanadi seem to be the most widely read, so I guess that is what people want to hear about?  Speaking of Odanadi, the Mehendi day was fantastic, and there will be photos posted very soon.   

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