Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mysore update

Another beautiful practice today, getting called in by name and then moved to a better spot after a few asanas.  Nearly half way through Sharath told me to come to the 4:30AM guided class tomorrow and then to the intermediate class on Sunday, but Monday is (as far as I know) back to a 9AM start.  That new shake up of start times left me searching for a bicycle to ride... not much fun walking 20 minutes to the Shala at stupid'o'clock in the dark.  I've also signed up for a yoga sutras class with Lakshmish and attended this afternoon for a chance to chant through the sutras and then he broke them down a bit, talking a lot about dharma and how to fulfill our dharma so that we can find liberation from our karma.  Interesting stuff.  The yoga sutras have been on my radar for a while now, and I have read through them, but it is nice to hear a more personal approach.  Tomorrow may also bring a trip to town to search for yarn in the market... crochet requests are rolling in already! 

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