Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mehendi Magic at Odanadi 2011

When we arrived at Odanadi we were greeted by a swarm of smiling children, but surprisingly, after all the yoga students had been treated to chai, they sat down quietly to watch when the older girls started to work on the Mehendi.

 I handed over my camera to the kids again, since they are proving to be great photographers, and these are some of the photos they took!
 Anna was well decorated, having both hands and feet covered in art
 Jo connected to Janthsi (bottom left) who is studing at an art college, as well as some of the other ladies while her feet were made beautiful.

Anna's feet were also beautified!  (Yes, two Annas were there!)

I had one lady work on each hand, lucky me!

 Bart got a bad-ass armband, completed with many giggles
The afternoon was a blast, everyone donated generously, and the kids had fun interacting with the yoga students.  There are three more friends who couldn't come along on Wednesday, so we will make another trip out there this afternoon for more Mehendi.  Watching my yoga friends get to know my Odanadi friends was the highlight of my day, and by the end of the afternoon, the kids certainly weren't sitting quietly anymore... there was dancing, singing, clapping games, you name it.  A memorable day for everyone! 

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