Saturday, December 3, 2011

Gardening at Odanadi

There are a few volunteers at Odanadi who have helped the kids start an organic garden so that they can work towards being self sufficient, and today there was a big group of helpers that met up and went to pull weeds and plant seeds and line the veggie beds with rocks so that they are easier to see. Today`s actvities were filled with energy and chaos, and instead of standing around taking photos, I handed my camera over to the kids and let them photograph all the action. Check out some of their pics! 


 About 10 westerners and all the kids were lending a hand, and progress was made very quickly!

 I was talking with the head gardener of the day about the experience I had with permaculture and bio-dynamics, and he was keen to learn more. I am going to try and contact the bio-dynamic association of India (it is SUPER popular here) and see if they can possibly come to Odanadi to teach the kids about some of the key principles.  It would be an amazing experience for the kids to get to learn so much about sustainable agriculture, and a skill they could take into their futures as well. 

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