Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mother India, please be nice to me!

Arrived in Mysore last night, exhilarated and exhausted, but more than anything it feels like coming home.  The trip went smoothly and other than struggling to find a vegetarian food option in the Kuala Lumpur airport, it was no problem.  No luggage hassles, no delays, and very little turbulence.  Upon arrival in Bangalore my wandering yogi friend and I hopped in our waiting taxi and headed straight out to Mysore, finally getting to our destination at about 9PM, a late night after getting up at 2:30AM to reach the airport  in time.  We were welcomed by two other friends at our flat, conveniently located next door to the ice cream parlour, and went to sleep on the hardest beds I have ever encountered.  This morning brought a breakfast date with an old friend, many greetings with familiar faces, and a list of errands that we managed to accomplish by the afternoon.  Registration at the shala happened this afternoon, and we were given a start time of  9AM.  9AM!!!!  That is currently the latest start time being handed out and it means we will be beginning to practice around the time that most people are sitting down to eat breakfast (after having practiced and gone home for a nap and a shower).  Our breakfast will happen more around lunch time.  At least we will be wide awake and the room will be toasty and warm.  Tomorrow will only bring more adventures...

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