Thursday, November 17, 2011


There are a few ladies here in Dunsborough who practice ashtanga yoga and are in their 70's.  Not born in the 1970's, but their age begins with the number seven and is followed by another digit.  They don't faff around doing geriatric yoga, they do ashtanga.  No skipping vinyasas, no taking away hard postures.  I'm talking full marichasana D, urdhva dhanurasana, sirsasana, padmasana, correct method primary series postures, no grandma yoga for these ladies.  They do it all with smiles on their faces and focus in their eyes, week after week.  I can only hope to be in the same state of health and energy and vitality that many decades from now.  It is making me re-think the whole idea of aging... maybe it isn't something to fear after all?  Watching them is nothing short of inspirational. 

Also, 10 more sleeps until Mysore, if I get my visa back in time... why does the whole process have to take so long???  I sent it off on the Nov. 1st.  Shouldn't that be long enough? My fingers are crossed that it will get sent out in the mail to come back to me tomorrow.  Please cross your fingers too :)   

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