Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Prepare for takeoff...

Countdown to Mysore: 5 more sleeps!

Finally got my passport back with a visa in it and I'm starting to pack up my room and my life in Australia.  The kiwi is hanging onto my little bit of stuff for me and it will be good to come back to him.  Me thinks he will miss having a certain someone around!  Over the weekend he and I got to spend some nice quality time together working in his garden and going for an adventure to this beautiful spot called Moses Rock.  It is on the 'Cape to Cape Trail' and there is a stunning beach as well as a path up to a waterfall.  In the pool at the bottom of the waterfall there are kajillions of little tadpoles just waiting to turn into frogs, and down near the beach we found some of the best seashells I have ever collected.  To top it off we stopped for ice cream at Samudra on the way back to my house.  Yum-o!

happy hikers
The farm is looking amazing, veggies sprouting up everywhere, and little seedlings taking root in their new homes.  After the weekend there were so many changes; tomato plants laden with tiny little fruits, beans climbing up the spokes of the bamboo trellis, greens that are pretty well ready to eat!  I have been busy weeding, mulching around citrus trees and making colour coded signs for on the sides of the veggie beds.  It's hard to believe there are only a few farm days left; the time has absolutely flown by!

My practice is going to be interesting in Mysore... rumour has it that the start times for new students are quite late, so sleeping in will be a change, as will not having to expend so much energy in a manual labour job!!!  I can only imagine it will feel fantastic to have so much time to rest and be at leisure.  That being said, I fully plan to go on another crocheting crusade and maybe hold another fundraiser for Odanadi if I can swing it, and ideally it would be great to get out to the center a few times a week as well just to hang out with the kids.  Maybe there won't be so much free time after all?  My fingers are crossed that if I take another level one Sanskrit class, a little more of it just might make sense this time.  The first attempt in 2009 was pretty bad.  I couldn't stop giggling when Lakshmish lectured on labial consonants.  That's right.  Labial consonants.  Want to know more, well, better study Sanskrit.  There are yoga sutra classes as well, so that will be on the agenda if possible too.  Learning learning learning.

Must go get organized.  Every other day this week involves working, so I had best get sorted now!  So much to do! 

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