Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Coming Home

Had my first practice in the Shala this morning and it felt amazing, like coming home after a very long journey.  Sitting in the lobby before being called in, I thought back to my first trip where I was nervous beyond belief, and last trip where I was feeling energetically overwhelmed in the room with so many people after practising alone for a year, and now a feeling of excitement, but complete calm as well.  As I was making my way through standing postures I was called to move up to a different spot.  By name.  After being away for a year, and literally thousands of students practicing with Sharath between now and then, I certainly didn't expect him to pull my name out of the memory banks on day one, especially since he didn't do my registration yesterday.  What a good feeling.  Physically I felt good, energetically strong and my muscles weren't complaining after the long plane/car ride here.  Getting to do the closing postures in the practice space was also something new for me; I have always had to do them in the change room, but it sure feels good to stay all the way to the end of the practice.  Breakfast didn't happen until about 11:45, after chanting with Lakshmish, but luckily I had time to drink a few coconuts in the few minutes in between.  My tummy was chanting louder than I was!  Primary series for the next few days will feel great, and then Sunday I have to go to the led intermediate class, which will undoubtedly be a bit of a rude awakening.  Tomorrow afternoon I will start a yoga sutras class and hopefully I can organise some volunteer work soon as well... my schedule will be hectic in no time.  More news coming soon as I plan to try and update more often while I have the opportunity.

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