Friday, October 21, 2011

Random Acts of Kindess

Today while I was practising I left my bike parked outside the front door of the shala, not locked up because I am in possibly the safest town ever (and my bike cost $20 from a junk-seller at a market; it isn't exactly eye candy...), and as I wandered out to the front desk area and was chatting with some friends, one of the regular guys who comes to evening classes popped his head in the door to let me know that he had just returned my bike.  He'd gone past and saw it there in it's rather sorry state, and popped it in his van, took it to the shop where he works and gave it a full tune up.  Air in the tires, raised up the seat to a better height, oiled the chain, fixed up the gears, the whole works.  He had offered several times over the last few weeks for me to swing by his work and let him fix it, but every time I thought of it, something came up.  So he took it upon himself to sort me out.  A random act of kindness that totally made my day.

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