Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Grow little seeds, grow!

Yesterday was an epic day on the farm, 7:30AM to 6PM, but so much happened.  We finally, finally got to put some seeds in the veggie beds!  The morning started out with all the hardest work, forking the beds to mix the soil with the compost, raking it over to break up the lumps, but then planting began... cucumbers, rockmelon, watermelon, corn, carrots, pumpkins, zucchini, beans and more... yum-o!  We gave everything a big drink of water after it went into the earth and now it is a case of just wait and see.  In biodynamics, yesterday was an excellent day for planting based on the moon's relationship to the earth, and it was a good day to use one of the 'biodynamic preparations' as well, so that was spread over the whole farm too.  The weeds are almost completely gone from around the beds now, so until there is a bit of green popping up from the beds it looks pretty barren, but there are also trays upon trays of seedling tomatoes and eggplants and beetroot (the list could go on...) that will be planted soon.  So much new life happens in springtime! 

Due to my lack of veggie growing space/transience I have satisfied my urge to grow things at home in a few plant pots and also in a sprouting bag.  I am growing sprouts in the kitchen for the first time and it is fun to see the progress every time I run the sprout bag under water.  Fenugreek sprouts are the first project, and so far they are doing great, their little tails are growing like crazy!

46 more sleeps until I leave for Mysore (plus 23 hours, 34 minutes and about 30 seconds... I have a countdown going on my google page that tells me all this).  Can't wait to get back...

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