Saturday, September 3, 2011

Moving Day, and farm work is hard.

In the ten years (ten years!!!! I am getting old!) since I left the nest and moved out of my parents house I have moved many many times, think I am up to 14 different addresses now.  And this weekend is moving time again.  Sigh.  Luckily just moving around the corner this time, but it will be a big weekend with all the cleaning that has to be done when you end a tenancy.  Luckily, I have enlisted the help of the kiwi for taking care of the yard, with the promise of sending him some extra kitchen wares and baking some delicious treats for him.  The new place is beautiful and cozy, a Sumatran style house with a big jungle inspired yard that has heaps of character, and I can't wait to get settled in.  The next move will hopefully not be for a while, but there is a trip to Mysore in the works, so there might be a bit of a break from the new place while I am in India.   Just hope I'll be able to come back to it!

Farming has been hard work this week, definitely feeling a bit fatigued from a combination of the long day of pitch-forking (turning the soil in the veggie beds to mix the compost with the topsoil) and being caught out in the elements.  Some friends have lent me rain gear, but when it pours down it is tough to stay dry and warm.  Still loving being outside though, it is great on the sunny days and nature is pretty amazing as we head into springtime.  The little birds chasing each other around the farm sowing off their bright plumage and loop-deloop skills are a great source of entertainment!  My practice hasn't suffered too much from the hard work, and I think if anything it will be complimentary.  The big Popeye muscles will probably be good for the tough stretch of ninja postures in intermediate!

Suppose I should get busy packing and cleaning and get this moving day on the go...

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