Saturday, August 27, 2011

Popeye and Green Smoothies

I think I might look something like this at the end of my stint on the farm...

Big muscles, check, squinty eye (for keeping out rogue sunbeams and dust), check, hat, check, penchant for spinach... check.  The only thing I can't imagine acquiring is the pipe.  There has been a lot of raking/landscaping and digging holes to transplant native trees and pitchfork using for mixing compost with topsoil in the veggie beds, so lots of work on the upper body muscles.  I'll keep an eye on my biceps, not so sure the Popeye look would be attractive on a lady?
With all the hard work that has been on the agenda I am trying to pay extra attention to making sure my diet is giving me the fuel I need.  My housemate Sage (lets call him Sagey to be affectionate) is a passionate raw foodist and superfood expert, so I have picked up lots of tips from him on things I can add into my diet to give me a reserve of energy, and also on how to have "the best day ever," everyday.  I have taken to borrowing his race car red vitamix every morning to make a big green smoothie that keeps me revved up all morning.  What is in this green smoothie you may wonder?  Here are the usual ingredients, but really, sometimes I just improvise.

2tbsp of chia seeds soaked in about 3/4 cup water
1-2 granny smith apples (depending on their size)*
handful of greens (I like spinach, kale, chard (called silverbeet in the land down under), or pak choy)
1 tsp(ish) of coconut oil
1 scoop honey to taste**
 small sploosh of apple juice (the cloudy unfiltered organic kind)

After blending and pouring into my favourite tall glass, I sprinkle a mountain of bee pollen on top and eat the whole thing with a spoon.  Yum-o!  And it keeps me full and energised for a good long while :)

*Green apples work well because they have less sugar than other apples or other fruits like bananas... to much sugar mixed with the greens causes a wee fermentation in the belly, and burping and farting will ensue.  Yikes!  Also, I like to use spray-free apples found at thee local farmers market, and they tend to be quite small, so that is where the pair comes in... 2 would be like one regular grocery store apple
**Honey is clearly a sugary substance, but for me it doesn't cause the burping and farting when mixed with the greens... there are enzymes in honey that can aid digestion, so that might be what makes the difference, but this one might be good to experiment with on your own body and see what happens.  Stevia powder is what Sagey recommends if honey doesn't work because it is a low-sugar sweetener and won't react with the greens.  Honey tastes nicer though.   

Would Popeye approve of the green smoothie?  I think he would, especially if Olive Oyl made it for him. 

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