Thursday, August 11, 2011

Early morning thoughts on life

Only just past 6AM and I am home from practice, ready to crawl back into my bed and have a snooze.  I'd whip up a green smoothie but one housemate is still sleeping, so running the blender is probably not a very nice thing to do.  Breakfast will have to wait. 
Big changes happening all over the place in my life, and I am struggling to detach myself from some of them, but I guess that just means I have a little more self study to do.  There is an art to letting go I suppose, and I certainly haven't gotten there yet.  More practice needed; ouchie.  This might be easier if I were sleeping better, but too many thoughts are invading my brain to let me conk out at night... sleep deprivation project week three. 
Busy weekend coming up with teaching, market going, hopefully a little bit of resting, and then off to the farm on Monday morning.  I have a raincoat on lend from a fellow yogi-ninja, purchased some wellies and socks, so I guess I am about ready to go. It will be fantastic to get to be outside in the beautiful WA air, just hoping that spring is really here and there isn't too much cold/wet weather left in the season.  There has been a fantastic explosion of wildflowers around the neighbourhood lately, and little bees are back in action, so I think the end of winter is here but who knows. 
Plans for India are in the works.  A trip to Mysore would be beautiful right about now, and I am looking at flights for the first week of December.  It is good to have something to look forward to.  I would have to really work hard to save up enough $$$ for the three months I would like to stay, but it is possible.. maybe if I am feeling ballsy I will go ahead and book the flights.  Speaking of Mysore, my post about the Dasara festival last year is getting a lot of hits; I guess everyone wants to see elephant bums... who knew?  For my potential dates this year I would be around for the Holi festival when everyone throws paint at each other.  Good photo potential there. 
Enough writing.  Time for a siesta. 

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