Tuesday, July 19, 2011


It is cold enough to see my breath this morning, and it was yesterday as well.  When I moved to Australia, this is not what I bargained for!!!  Good thing I have plenty of yarn and crochet hooks, maybe I will make my self some long johns.  The bike ride down to Samudra is short, but painful in this weather, and I know I have no right to complain after surviving Canadian winters through my entire childhood, but holy doodle, not liking the cold mornings.  The afternoons are beautiful: crisp, clear, and sunshine beaming across the sky and dancing through the windows.  But 4AM?  Yeesh.

A short list of things I am grateful for on cold mornings:
~A pre-yoga cup of coffee
~Ugg boots
~The $2 space heater I picked up at a garage sale
~The under-floor heating in the yoga room
~My purple beanie/toque
~The hoodie that I am wearing right now, with extra cozy fuzziness on the inside

Happy summer to all my northern hemisphere friends, I am a wee bit envious right now!

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