Thursday, July 7, 2011

Beanies, Tapas, Pants. Interesting combo.

When it rains, it pours.  Not much time for blogging lately, but heaps has been going on.  Winter is in full swing here, complete with crazy storms and me turning into a popsicle the mintue I jump out of bed in the morning.  The weather isn't really all that cold, at least in comparison to a Canadian winter, but houses aren't really insulated the same way and being a little low on body fat insulation I don't retain heat for long on my own.  The upside about the cold weather is that everyone is getting rugged up and I am doing pretty well with selling toques/beanies and mittens at the local farmers markets.  and the good thing about living in a small town like Dunsborough is that word travels fast and I am the only crafty lady at the markets under the age of... 65ish.  I guess I stand out in the crowd. 

Things have been a little emotional in yoga lately, and it is a good test of tapas (discipline) to have a tough go of things sometimes.  When practice is effortless and light, getting on the mat in the morning is a pleasure, but when stuff comes up and the body is feeling lethargic/unresponsive/vulnerable/all of the above, it becomes a test of mind over matter and a question of commitment as well.  Learning how to keep going through the rough patches is all part of building up to a sustainable, lifelong practice, and I imagine it is something everyone goes through.  I mean, it would be much easier some days to roll over in bed, turn off the alarm, deem it a "ladies holiday" even if it isn't and burrow back under the covers until a more reasonable hour, but to get up and stare down whatever it is that has your knickers in a twist in the first place is going to be much more productive in the long run.  And for every time I get up when I really really really wanted to just stay in bed, I am sure to reward myself with a nap in the afternoon.  I also reward myself with naps on many other days the rare occasion, but nothing, NOTHING will keep me from a good long siesta on days where I contemplated not getting up at all or having a faux ladies holiday. 
As an optimist, when life wrings me out a bit, I still tend to see the bright side of things, even if it takes me a few days of blah to get there.  Things have been good with my kiwi; last weekend I turned lumberjack for the afternoon and we went on an epic firewood hunting adventure that involved me swinging an axe.  I am tougher than I look.  Haven't been able to see him this week though; he is working up in Perth to install a garden at a high school, super cool project.  The other thing I have noticed this week is how much love I get from my friends at work, the yoga students and a fair few strangers as well.    So moral of the story: when you see someone who looks like they need a hug, chances are good that they really do.  Hug them.  Share love, share kindness, and it will come back to you when you need it. 
Also, on a completely different note, I went to a second hand shop this afternoon to look for pants, as I have one pair of functional jeans at the moment, and things get dicey around laundry day if they haven't dried by the time I need them.  I saw a pair of skinny leg grey trouser style pants on the boys rack, that is little boys, age 10-14, as I headed over to the ladies section, and thought I would chance it, not hoping for much as I noticed they were a size 11-12years.  Tried them, buttoned them, looked at my bum in the mirror, bought them.  Didn't think it was possible, but scored new clothes for $2.  Not complaining.

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