Monday, May 23, 2011

Birthday Pancakes!

On the weekend I got the chance to celebrate my special Kiwi's birthday, and because he didn't want to do anything big or flashy (no birthday cake, no party...) I tried to make it a special day in my own little way.  We have gotten into the habit of making pancakes together most Saturdays anyways (the only morning I'm not waking up to an alarm at a shockingly early hour), but I upped the ante a little and made a huge batch: buckwheat, vegan, and heart shaped, with a sparkler candle on top.  I got this recipe from another blog that I don't really read, I just hunted down vegan pancakes on google a few weeks ago and this was the winner, just because it looked both yummy and easy.  It was a nice start to the birthday boy's day, and didn't make him feel silly... I know how much I hate a big hullabaloo on my birthday, so I didn't want to cross the line on that one for sure.   Got to love how making someone else feel special makes you feel good in return!

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