Monday, April 18, 2011

Some serious thoughts, but mostly octopus adventures

The cycle of life has been on my mind a lot lately, watching the seasons change, hearing about people leaving this world, and also announcements of new life coming into it.  I suppose it is all meant as a system of checks and balances, and as much as there is suffering in death, there is a renewed sense of light and hope when you discover that there is a new addition to the family expected in about 6 months time. 

(Disclaimer: Not me having the babies, my sister is!  I am going to be an auntie!)

The same sort of thoughts were highlighted for me a few days ago when I went for a long walk down a trail that cuts through some protected bush areas and then down to the beach and back up again.  There is evidence of a fire in the not so distant past in all the burnt back bits of wood and charred trees still poking out of the greenery, but the capacity of nature to rebuild itself is pretty amazing.  Heading down to the beach and looking in the tide pools amongst the rocks shows another excess of living things, and I was lucky enough to see a small octopus, not to mention a great variety of incredible creatures.  An octopus!!!!
I feel like a child all over again when I see stuff like that; a sense of wonder and awe at the incredible diversity of the natural world has never left me.  I do feel a little bad for whoever I happen to be with when I see things that are new, because inadvertently, I always revert back to my five-year-old self and start asking why this and why that, regardless of the fact that this person might not know any more than I do!  On the other end of the spectrum I saw a dead puffer fish, but it had been preserved by sun or salt or a combination of the two and was not rotting or decomposing, but in full flesh, dry, but still semi puffed out.  (There were whys to accompany this sighting as well.)   Dead things usually really scare me, but this one looked almost still alive.  No photos of the puffer, seemed disrespectful somehow. 

Kangaroos, possums, octopus, what next? 

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