Sunday, March 27, 2011

Time for an update

So I know I have been blogging largely about Odanadi and Yoga Stops Traffick lately, and it might be getting boring to read about for anyone who isn't as passionate about the issue as I am, so I will wrap it up for a while here.  YST 2011 was a great success at Samudra, we had over 40 participants milling through our event, and raised $427.  Many people were moved to tears at the event, and many brought their daughters along to participate or just to observe.  What a beautiful afternoon!  Samudra has generously offered to donate as well, all money collected from the weekly teen yoga classes is used towards charity and they have set aside $500 for the cause.  Big thanks and love to everyone who participated anywhere around the world.

Otherwise life in Dunsborough is pretty good.  I have settled into a routine, but now I have a big shift in housemates; the two lovely ladies that I am living with at present are moving on in another direction in their lives and two gentlemen will be taking their places.  Big changes keep things interesting I guess. 

Doing a teaching apprenticeship is proving to be a challenge, because I am realizing that although I know my own body and my own practice inside and out, it doesn't mean that I know how to communicate those learnings to someone else.  There is a lot of self doubt lurking around the corners of my mind these days, something I thought I had let go of, but the fact that it is still there just means that I have come to another phase of growth.  Plateauing is comfortable, but these upward stretches towards becoming a better person are really what the journey is all about.  My physical practice is feeling pretty great at the moment, and I have discovered a bit of strength that is coming in very handy; I feel like there might be a bit more balance developing between power and flexibility.  This yoga is a beautiful thing.  In our apprentice studies, we were asked to compile a list of what we thought would be the most important points to share over the duration of a beginners course, and it made me feel like writing a love letter to the practice.  I haven't actually produced a letter, but it was a great exercise in cultivating gratitude.   

Other highlights of life in sunny Dunsborough... swimming in the beautiful ocean almost every day, making connections with warm and caring people, and having organic veggies delivered to my door by a charismatic Kiwi.... 

Also, I saw a kangaroo with a joey last week!  How cool is that!  I have seen possums a few times as well, but they are slightly creepy beacuse in the dark their outline is like a GIANT rat.  Maybe if I saw one in better lighting I would like them a bit more.

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