Tuesday, February 8, 2011

On the road again... yes really, again!

This post is the product of an eight hour, overnight lay-over in the Vancouver airport, so be warned right at the offset that I may not be at my best here.  Lucky for anyone reading, I am only in the third hour of waiting while writing this, not the seventh. 

After spending more than a month at my parents house in a perpetual state of blah, I am heading off to Australia.  It is hard for me to be in Alberta, isolated from friends, a yoga community, or even public transit, and as much as my mum hates to hear it, I quite simply don't belong there.  Being idle for long stretches isn't my strong suit, and it was definitely not easy to relax into the daily routine of not having a daily routine.  Sharath has been know to say that family is the seventh series of yoga (for any non yoga students reading: there are six increasingly difficult series of yoga postures to learn sequentially, so if family is number seven, it must be REALLY hard) and I guess my extended period of close quarters with family was a little advanced yoga study.  Talk about challenging.  That being said, I am glad that I got to make it home to see my mum recover from her health scare. 

So, with two legs of an epic flight ahead of me, landing in Perth seems like a vague hope for the future. My ticket promises I will arrive however, so this is the part where I just have to sit back and let it happen; another opportunity to practice surrender.  This whole trip seems a little surreal, as it all fell into motion less than two days after I arrived back in Canada, and there has been a fair share of setbacks along the way, but I think a year spent jumping head-first into yoga surrounded by beautiful, caring people is going to be an incredible experience.  Another adventure begins...  

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