Thursday, December 2, 2010

Quotable Mysore

I don't often write about my asana practice because I figure that it is for one, quite personal, and secondly, quite boring for anyone reading who isn't into yoga.  But last week I had a memorable enough moment that I think it deserves sharing.  I am working into the Intermediate Series and up to 'pincha mayurasana.'
This guy makes it look easy.  But for me with my spindly ex-ballerina arms and lack of shoulder stability, a challenge is there.  I made it through two rather successful attempts last Thursday and thought I would go for one more, so up I go... balanced, breathing, one... two... three.... crash.  Face plant.  I am a little worried about tipping over backwards in this one because I don't want to land on the person in front of me, so my reaction when something goes wrong is to smoosh my face into my mat and bring my feet back down from there. 

Saraswathi saw my epic fail and came up to me with a laugh and a twinkle in her mischevious eyes and said, "you have nice face, don't break it!  Now take again, I help."  How cute is that!  She is one special lady.

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