Friday, December 24, 2010

On the Road Again: Super long flight edition

So the last few months I have been torn with indecision about what to do after my next teaching job in Indo fell through, and it has meant a lot of thinking, a lot of talking it out with amazingly sympathetic friends, and a lot of trolling the internet for flights to various location.  All the agonizing, however, was for nothing, as the universe had something in mind for me the whole time.  As I type this, I am transiting through Dubai, onwards to Houston (Dubai-Houston:16hours on the plane!!!), and then finally to Edmonton to be with my family, because my Mum is in hospital, and frolicking around the beaches of Sri Lanka while Mum is hooked up to an oxygen tank doesn't feel like the right thing to do.  My mind had been drifting towards Australia for the last month or so, thinking how great it would be to get a working holiday visa and spend the year there until my next India trip, but I was procrastinating like crazy about applying for the visa... maybe my intuition knew something else was on the lineup for me?  It makes me think that maybe the job in Indo wasn't really meant to be either; if I still had that on the go it would have been more difficult to get back to Canada to see my Mum and return to Asia in time for the contract to start.  My family was telling me not to ruin my plans to fly home on such short notice, but I had to kinda laugh at that thought: hard to ruin a plan that didn't exist to begin with.  So back to Canada for the next while, and I have to admit that some fear is there, at the moment mostly about the thought of WINTER, and then for the obvious things, like where to live in Victoria when I get back out there, and where to look for a job, and at the very forefront, for my Mum's health. Going home is the new challenge, the new adventure, and it makes me wonder what other surprises the universe has in store for 2011. 

Happy holidays!  The next few blog entries may be typed in mittens, so look forward to some interesting typos!

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