Saturday, November 20, 2010

Who would have thought?

I have been busy this week, crocheting (since last Saturday) a pair of mittens, a set of legwarmers, and four toques*, in a last minute rush to beef up the stock list for the Odanadi craft sale on Nov 27th.  Everyone I have bumped into in the last few days has been offering to help in any way they can to make our event a success, from cash donations to just having an extra set of hands around on the day of the sale, but one person went above and beyond to help out.  My friend Boonchu offered to create a poster, and in no time at all, he came up with a masterpiece.  I couldn't be happier with it!

In return for his kindness, I made him a very stylish toque, dark charcoal grey with a acid green trim.  And when he went into the yoga shala to ask Sharath (our teacher) about putting up the poster, he also showed off his hat.  And now Sharath wants me to make one for him!  Talk about pressure!  The other thing that is really cool is the amount of support I am getting from the Mysore crochet community.  Last Saturday the craft session on my balcony reached new heights with about 12 people showing up with their yarn, hooks, and a big smile.  Underage Grandmas (and Grandpas... we had two gentlemen crocheting with us) unite!

Big surprises this trip... crocheting is cool, and a special order to make a hat for Sharath.  Who would have thought? 

*Toque:  For all you non-Canadians who will most like be left scratching your heads over this gem of a word, it is a snug fitting wooly hat generaly worn in chilly weather, sometimes called a beanie in other parts of the world, pronounced like "two" with a "k" thrown on the end.   

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